Commissioning of Andasol I & II feedwater pumps’ frequency converters

During the second half of January, the functional tests corresponding to the four new medium voltage frequency converters recently installed by KNK Energy in collaboration with ACG Ingeniería were completed at the Andasol 1 and Andasol 2 solar thermal power plants, owned by Cubico Sustainable Investments.

The new equipment, integrated into the control loop of the feedwater system for the steam generation trains – a critical loop in the operation of the plants – has been an unprecedented milestone in the operational improvement plan for these plants to date, further confirming the recommendation of the need for these inverters in these pumps made by the O&M technical team at the plant.

The commissioning of these frequency converters has resulted in a major improvement in the control of the functional parameters of the process, completely eliminating the original problems arising from the direct start-up system of the 1.5 MVA motor-pump sets.

In summary, the new automated control system incorporates the following main advantages: