KNK Energy joins the Protermosolar Association

The Spanish Thermoelectric Solar Industry Association (PROTERMOSOLAR) was founded in 2004, with the aim of promoting the development of the Spanish thermosolar industry. It currently has more than 50 members covering the entire value chain of the sector: Promoters, Builders, Operators, Component Manufacturers, Engineering Companies, Consultants, Plant owners, Research Centers, etc. PROTERMOSOLAR is also the founder of ESTELA, its European counterpart.

Solar thermal technology plans to add up to 5 gigawatts (GW) in the next decade through the capacity auctions of the Government of Spain, which would add to the 2.3 GW already existing. Its thermal storage can offer high value services to the system in addition to the shift of generation to night hours. In addition, investments in solar thermal have a very positive impact on GDP and employment, as well as strengthening our technological leadership to participate in projects abroad.

With this incorporation KNK Energy reinforces its position in the field of renewables and solar thermal generation where it has carried out numerous actions, including the installation of 4 Medium Voltage Frequency Drives in the Andasol I and II plants, technical advice on the acquisition of assets to Cubico Sustainable Investments Spain and the CSP-PV hybridization study for the Arenales plant.