Kronospan Self-Consumption PV Training

KNK Energy has completed a training session at the Kronospan facilities, Burgos province.

The course, lasting about 12 hours, reviews the technical, regulatory, electricity market, installation processing and, in general, all the necessary aspects for a correct evaluation of the investment. The course ends with a basic session related to investment analysis and the implementation in a financial model adapted to the client in which the technical-economic concepts acquired during the course are applied.

Very briefly, the aspects covered by the course would be the following:

    • Panel types: technologies, performances, I-V curve.
      Invesors: characteristics and types.
    • Invesors: characteristics and types.
    • Description of the PV electrical system.
    • The Iberian Electricity Market. Main aspects.
    • Self-consumption. Typologies and economic regimes.
    • PV’s Permitting structure.
    • Financial model of a PSFV under the Self-consumption regime.