PERFINOR Self-Consumption Consulting

KNK Energy has been selected by the Asturian company Perfilados del Norte, S.A. (PERFINOR), a company specialized in the manufacture of products for enclosures and thermal, acoustic insulation and profiled sheet metal, as technical advisor for the new photovoltaic plant that will soon be built at its facilities in the Caborana, Asturias.

It is a direct self-consumption installation, with simplified compensation, and a power of 120 kWp that will provide significant energy savings and high associated profitability.

The advice carried out by the KNK Energy team has consisted mainly of analyzing the proposals presented by the different bidders and advising PERFINOR in the choice of the most advantageous offer both from a technical and an economic point of view, the main tasks performed:

One of the most relevant parameters when analyzing the goodness of the proposals received is the calculation of the theoretical economic profitability. Each of the proposals received includes a theoretical calculation of profitability that depends to a great extent on the parameters and hypotheses considered. Since each bidder establishes its own criteria and hypotheses, the profitability values ​​are not directly comparable, which makes the objective evaluation of the proposals difficult.

In order to make a comparison of the profitability values, KNK Energy performs a recalculation of the profitability of each of the proposals, homogenizing the load curve, recalculating the generation curve for each of the proposals, establishing common hypotheses, as well as a series of particular conditions for each of the bidders based on the technical parameters of the proposed facility.

KNK Energy, with this collaboration, strengthens its position in the photovoltaic sector, and more specifically in the Self-consumption format, where it offers industrial clients advice throughout the project cycle, from its conceptual design to its commercial exploitation, given support in technical, economic-financial, regulatory and training aspects.

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