Self-Consumption in Asturias and North Spain

The correct technical-economic evaluation of a project is one of the most important aspects in its development. A correct analysis allows discriminating those projects that meet the profitability and risk criteria from those that do not.

Although the analysis concludes with the development of a financial model, it is extremely important to verify that the hypotheses and data that feed the model are correct. The financial model must complete a sensitivity analysis that captures the variation in profitability based on changes in the main hypotheses.

Project Evaluation

We make our experience in investment analysis and project financing available to our clients, offering the following services:

Administrative procedure analysis. Associated risks.

Verification of electricity production estimates. PSFV simulation, wind resource analysis and energy balance.

Analysis of the EPC contract. Performance guarantees. Associated penalties.

Verification of the Operation and Maintenance scheme, study of operating costs.

Project bankability, calculation of debt coverage ratios.

Preparation of Investment Memorandum for the presentation of the project to financial entities and / or investors.

Technical advisory services for banks and investors.

Electric energy and inputs evolution hypothesis.

Development of the financial economic model and its corresponding sensitivity analysis.