Self-Consumption Consulting

Royal Decree 224/2019 of April 5 completes the regulatory framework on self-consumption promoted by Royal Decree-Law 15/2018, regulates the administrative, technical and economic conditions of self-consumption of electricity, eliminating the regulatory barriers that hindered its development and allowing consumers access to cheap and clean energy.

KNK Energy offers a range of services oriented to the industrial client, giving them support from the project evaluation phases to the start-up and remote supervision. These services could be ordered chronologically according to the following relationship:

autoconsumo asturias

Self-Consumption Training

The training is aimed at those personnel who could evaluate the different proposals that you could consider and in any of their formats (Construction, Financial Leasing, Energy Purchase (PPA)). The course, lasting about 12 hours, reviews the technical, regulatory, electricity market, installation processing and, in general, all the necessary aspects for a correct evaluation of the investment. The course ends with a basic session related to investment analysis and the implementation in a financial model adapted to the client in which the technical-economic concepts acquired during the course are applied.
Very briefly, the aspects covered by the course would be the following: